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100% black owned firm

Velile Tinto & Associates Inc. is a 100% black owned firm.

We believe in the full transformation and integration of all people regardless of gender, religion, race or culture. It’s this commitment to integration that helps us to deliver high quality services to our clients.

Velile Tinto & Associates offers an extensive range of attorney and conveyancing services to banks, property owners, insurance companies, and buyers. The conveyancing department runs alongside our other departments including banking law litigation and debt review.

Conveyance Services

Our conveyancing team has years of experience

in the property market and because our services extend to all disciplines of property, we can thus assist from property developers in Sectional Title allotment to Trust setups and selling of properties.

We have experience in handling the conveyancing of properties ranging from houses to retail shopping centres, farms, commercial buildings, vacant land, and estates.

What sets us apart from many other conveyancing law firms is the usage of cutting edge technology to streamline the conveyancing process and enabling the client to track the progress of a transaction.

Litigation Expertise

litigation and consultation services to commercial entities

We offer a range of litigation and consultation services to commercial entities including banks in South Africa.

Our litigation department is known for taking on and succeeding in challenging litigation processes. Our debt review team regularly sets up Round Table meetings with debt review councillors and attorneys and because of their commitment to client interests. They negotiate terms acceptable to the credit providers. With such negotiations often leading to settlements we’re able to keep legal costs to a minimum for our clients.

Under the litigation division we provide a full range of services also with regard to:

Tracing network
Debt Review
Business Rescue
Call Centre Collections

Contracts & Documents

Businesses deal with new agreements on a daily basis.

Whether the contracts are for supply of goods, credit agreements with consumers or to purchase property.

Clients benefit from our expertise in drawing up and reviewing contracts. We offer contract services relevant to:
Close Corporations
Deed of Sale

Focus on Client Satisfaction

We are committed

Our clients appreciate the level of commitment to client satisfaction and our goal to keep legal costs low. Velile Tinto & Associates client service is characterised by:

Fast Turnaround

On all tasks whether the client is an individual or a large financial institution.


The level you will expect from a large firm dedicated to client service excellence.

Ongoing Communication

We keep clients up to date regarding the progress of litigation or negotiations.


With streamlined processes in place for conveyancing, we ensure hassle-free and professionally handled property transfers and trust setups.

Secure Information and Advanced IT

We are concerned about confidentiality breaches

When making use of our services clients don’t have to be concerned about confidentiality breaches, loss of data or lost transactions, because we use top of the range hardware and regularly update our software and security firmware.

We make use of an outsourced IT firm to support the in-house IT department and because we have uninterrupted Internet and emails, client communication and research are never compromised. Daily backups are stored off-site. Our computers are guaranteed to be online because we have uninterrupted power supply with a backup generator.

Commitment to Community Development

We are involved in our local communities

We believe that like other businesses in the country, we should be involved in our local communities. The involvement should span beyond financing of projects and entail active participation of the development and wellbeing of communities.

As such, we actively support soccer, a sport that brings people together, and we‘re a proud sponsor of the Umtata Liverpool Soccer Club. We also assist with coaching and training of the players.

With cancer a pressing concern in South Africa, we host an annual charity event where CANSA is our main beneficiary. We believe that active participation and support for such organisations can help to minimise the effect of life threatening diseases on local communities.
Apart from the above, we’re involved in the creation, training and support of Black Owned Entrepreneurial Companies, because we believe that education is essential for the creation of job opportunities and improvement of lives in local communities.

Contact us for more information on any of our services or to setup an appointment to discuss your particular litigation, contract or conveyance requirements.

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