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Wills, Estate Planning & Trusts

Wills, Estate Planning & Trusts

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We do Wills, Estate Planning and Trusts for your benefit

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How do I protect my family when I am gone?

WILL Thinking and talking about one’s passing is not a pleasant subject. Having a valid, clear and unambiguous will van prevent unpleasant family feuds caused by them having to make decisions about the distribution of your estate. It is certainly worth the time and effort to have a valid written will in place.

Estate Planning

Have you ever done your estate planning?

ESTATE PLANNING If you have never planned our estate, perhaps now is a good time to consider it. This will be to everyone’s benefit, as there are often hidden costs which come into effect at the time of passing, that are not taken into account when you plan your estate and inheritance. These expences include the following:

1 Estate duty
2 Executor’s fee
3 Capital Gains Tax


Is it beneficial to register a Trust?

TRUST A well-planned trust can protect your assets and preserve your wealth.

Want to know more?

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