The Business Side of Litigation

 Owning a business can be very difficult regarding legal aspects surrounding your business. Regarding business litigation, you will need trial lawyers that can be of service when the proverbial hell breaks loose and you are faced with legal charges. Should you be the one to build a case regarding litigation matters, you will also need the services of a lawyer who can guide you through the process and help build, and eventually defend, your case. If you are a business owner and in need of litigation services, look no further than Velile Tinto & Associates.

Your Business is Our Specialty

 We offer a commercial litigation department filled with vast expertise and years of experience to be of service regarding the foreclosure of properties, the repossession of vehicles and other assets, and opposed motions to name a few. Our department specialises in the handling of any litigation matter, no matter how complex or difficult the case turns out to be, and can provide solutions to any major commercial dispute. We know about the daily legal struggles a business owner must face, and our services will assist you in finding viable solutions to any litigation matter thrown your way.

Since our services specialise in banking and finance litigation, we form part of the litigation panels of all the major financial institutions in southern Africa. We also provide our clients with useful advice regarding security for financing and lending transactions, ensuring that our client is satisfied with the outcome, and preparing the associated documentation as well. In the end, our business litigation services will offer you a comprehensive experience in which your business will not be steered in the wrong direction regarding legal matters.

Apart from business litigation, we also offer our services in the field of conveyancing, with the focus on bond registrations, cancellations, and transfers. Should you be having trouble with drafting contracts, we can draft, execute, and tailor certain contracts for your business to ensure that everything is legally sound. On a personal note, we can also assist you with wills, estate planning, and trusts to cover all the bases of your business and related personal legal matters.

At Velile & Associates, we take care of our clients. Our business litigation services can only be the beginning of what we can offer you and your company, with a range of other legal matters we can attend to as well. For more information, feel free to browse our website for details on our services, or contact us directly with enquiries. We can provide you with viable solutions to all your legal problems, whether business-related or personal.