Effective Litigators

 When it comes to legal terms and matters that are settled in a court of law, not all of us can be considered experts, while most of us will be completely unfamiliar with certain terms. Although these legal terms tend to explain themselves, sometimes you need someone who can put it in Layman’s terms for you, especially when you have an upcoming court case, or would open one against another party.

Civil Litigation

 This might be one of the terms you are not too familiar with, but does explain itself in the end. Civil litigation refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties, where a party would seek compensation for money- or performance-based damages, as opposed to criminal sanctions. Civil litigators refer to the lawyers who specialise in these specific legal matters, and are also known as trial lawyers.

Normally, these cases revolve around debt between two or more parties, and can extend to environmental law, housing law, products liability, intellectual property, labour, and employment. With these in mind, you can clearly see the difference between civil litigators and other lawyers who are honed towards criminal sanctions, although both are aimed at serving justice to the wrong-doers in this world.

The government commonly employs civil litigators, with advocacy groups and private practices offering legal services also on the list. These lawyers would usually rely on their analytic skills and negotiations to get their clients the desired outcomes in their cases, involving proper legal research and strong client relations to be successful.

Should you be looking for effective civil litigators, Velile Tinto & Associates can be of assistance. We offer litigation services to businesses and banks in southern Africa, and can also be of assistance in the civil sector. Our civil litigators are specialists when it comes to dealing with complex and major litigation cases, with vast amounts of experience in all types commercial disputes and finding a plausible resolution. Should one of our clients face major legal difficulty, we can provide them with a cost-effective solution to their problems, with the intent to fight for them and win their cases.

We specialise in banking and finance litigation, and we feature on the panels of all major financial institutions, giving our civil litigators even more resources and expertise to assist you in your case. We see to property foreclosures, asset repossession, and applications with opposed motions. As a result, our litigators can make quick work of any civil case, and will fight for your rights when the time comes. Should you want more information, please peruse our website, or contact us directly with your enquiries.