The Leading Litigators in Gauteng for Banks, Businesses, and Private Clients

 Are you in the middle of a litigation dispute and being sued over a financial or conveyance matter, foreclosure of a property, or repossession? Or, are you looking to bring a lawsuit against an individual, business, or bank? While most of us go through some form of litigation at some point in our lives, litigation can be an incredibly stressful experience. Not only can it bring a business to its knees, but it can threaten employment. Whether you are being sued by someone, or you are considering filing a lawsuit against an entity yourself, you are going to need one of the leading litigators in Gauteng by your side.

The Leading 100% BEE Certified Litigators to Banks and Businesses

Our methods are based on the professional guidelines set by legislation and our own code of ethics. We are the leading litigators to many banks, estate agents, property developers, insurance companies, and private clients in Gauteng. Providing a practical and businesslike approach at Velile Tinto & Associates, we render exceptional services at competitive rates.

Our Litigation Services

We are a 100% BEE-certified law firm on the litigation panel of all major financial institutions, and not only are our litigators experts in handling all types of litigation matters, but they are also experts in dispute resolution, a complex process with numerous formalities. Our litigators meet with councillors and attorneys on your behalf to negotiate terms, which often lead to settlements that work out favourably for both parties.

As specialist banking and finance litigators, we guarantee a high level of service and provide our clients with inventive and cost-effective solutions to their legal woes. We strive to keep legal costs to a minimum and our services include applications and opposed motions, banking and finance litigation, foreclosure of properties, preparing security documentation, repossession of vehicles and assets, the security procurement for financing and lending transactions, tracing network, insolvencies, collections, sequestration, debt review, business rescue, and call centre collections.

If you are looking for a specialised team of litigators in Gauteng to guide you every step of the way, then you need to turn to Velile Tinto & Associates. As a 100% BEE certified law firm on all bank panels, what we bring to the table is so much more than brilliant legal advice. We also bring convenience, ethics, fast turnaround times, integrity, ongoing communication, professionalism, trust, and successful results. To learn more about Velile Tinto & Associates and our litigation services, contact our litigators today.