Among the many attorney services Cape Town residents benefit from when making use of Velile Tinto & Associates is that of will drafting. We are able to assist clients regardless of whether they stay in Cape Town, Nelspruit, or Pretoria. Testaments, wills, and estate planning form part of our specialist attorney services.

We understand that you may feel as if a will shows that you are about to die, but the truth is that nobody knows exactly when they will die. As such, making use of our attorney services for the purpose of preparing your estate is a proactive planning step.

Once you have passed away, you can no longer state what must happen to your assets, and you will not have any control over the inheritance and guardianship of your children. However, if you have a will in place, you still have a say over your estate, the guardianship of your children, and how your assets must be distributed. It is, however, important to have your will professionally drafted, to ensure enforceability and compliance with the requirements for a will. In this regard, you will benefit from our attorney services available in Cape Town. We work with contracts, estate planning, wills, and testaments on a daily basis, and will thus be able to help you avoid common pitfalls in the drafting and revising of a will.

You can, for instance, state in your will when the assets should be distributed to your children. You can stipulate for your children to receive only a portion of their inheritance when they reach the age of 21, and then a further portion when they are 25 years old, with the remainder being distributed to them when they turn 30. We will help you structure the will according to your wishes, and advise you on best practices, common pitfalls, and the legal aspects of your wishes in the will. We will provide you with guidance regarding the choice of trustee, explain the person’s role, and which particulars will be needed.

We will also advise you on the documents you will need for drafting the will, and thus help to ensure that it is in compliance with the law and reflective of your intentions regarding the distribution and management of assets in your estate. Regardless of whether you are located in Cape Town or in Gauteng, you can benefit from our range of attorney services regarding wills and testaments in South Africa.


Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and not intended as legal advice. We strongly recommend calling our office for professional legal guidance, rather than relying solely on the information herein.