When to Use Our Contract Drafting Attorney Services in Gauteng

If you engage in business activities, you will at one time or another need attorney services in Gauteng. An example when such attorney services will be of use is that of drafting fibre optics installation contracts. With the fibre optics industry saturated with sub-contractors, who further sub-contract, the risk of non-payment for work is always eminent.

Ensuring that relevant and legally binding contracts are in place before you make large financial rollouts to purchase the equipment, such as fibre optic cabling and boxes for installation at estates, can help prevent financial losses as the result of late or non-payment by commissioning companies or contractors.

In another instance where such attorney services in Gauteng could be needed is if you, as the property owner, need to set up commercial space lease agreements. Any late payments by tenants will affect your bottom line. You need to ensure that the contracts are fair, legally binding, and comprehensive.

Still on the topic of contracts, you will also appreciate our professional attorney services regarding contracts of sale for commercial and residential properties. As experienced conveyancers, our team at Velile Tinto & Associates can furthermore assist with the transfer of property. Property sale agreements must make provision for penalties regarding breach of contracts.

You may want to cede your property or want a party to cede their assets for security, but to avoid loopholes, you need to have a well-drafted contract. Here too, you will appreciate our attention to detail, expertise regarding contracts, and our diligence in communication.

Should you wish to set up a franchise agreement or want a second opinion regarding a lease agreement, you will want attorneys experienced in the drafting of contracts to assist.

We can furthermore provide professional legal assistance with the drafting of contracts of employment, association agreements, service contracts and retainer agreements, surety agreements, loan agreements, shareholder agreements, terms of sale, and setting up of trusts.

When it comes to individuals, we provide attorney services in Gauteng regarding drafting and reviewing of antenuptial contracts and cohabitation agreements.

Having attorneys review agreements before signing it can help you identify pitfalls, which would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Likewise, attorneys can help you draft contracts or agreements that meet all the legal requirements. Though you may not regularly need such services in Gauteng, it is certainly reassuring to know that when you do, you will be able to rely on our expertise in this regard. You will also appreciate the efficiency, speed of service, and the effective communication channels that we offer.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult with us before using/relying on this information. Information is relevant to the date of publishing – January 2018.