Regardless of whether you run a small business, operate a medium size company, or manage a large firm, contracts form an integral part of your dealings with suppliers, clients, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. Rather than relying on generic templates for such important documents, which govern your legal relationships, use the services offered by mercantile lawyers as related to contracts.

We have extensive experience in the drafting and reviewing of contracts. In addition, our litigation team has experience in disputing terms and conditions, as well as the wording of legal documents. If you want to ensure enforceability of your company’s contracts, it is best to leave the drafting of such agreements to mercantile lawyers, who keep up to date with changes in legislation and ensure that the agreements meet all the requirements for legal contracts.

We draft, execute, and review any type of agreement. As such, our team of mercantile lawyers can help your company avoid misunderstandings and disputes by ensuring that the contracts you sign or present to other parties are compliant with legislation.

The contract stipulates the terms of the relationship and the responsibilities of the parties that sign it. It is thus important to ensure that the contract can be legally enforced. Our mercantile lawyers draft and execute, as well as customise legal agreements pertaining to:

• Association
• Cession
• Construction work
• Employment
• Sale of movable property
• Sale of immovable property
• Credit (short- and long-term)
• Partnerships
• Service
• Retainers
• Shareholding
• Surety
• Terms and conditions
• Privacy statements
• Trust deed

The above are only a few types of contracts that we can draft on your behalf. Whether you want to create the terms and conditions of usage page for your website, want a privacy policy drafted, or want to ensure that you have a legally binding confidentiality agreement in place, you can rely on our mercantile lawyers to draft error-free contracts.

Related Services

Our mercantile lawyers also provide guidance regarding the legal structuring of business entities, and can assist with services, such as debt collection, conveyancing, trust and estate planning, and litigation. We handle insolvency matters, such as compulsory sequestrations, liquidations, and opposing of debt review proposals. Our mercantile lawyers furthermore assist financial institutions with the foreclosure processes, track and trace services, and litigation on the above matters.

Whether your business is involved in a property transaction, needs to ensure that the construction contract protects your interests, and is fair, or requires assistance in setting up a surety document, your business will benefit from the services offered by our team of mercantile lawyers.