What is the Role of the Conveyancer?

If you buy or sell property in Pretoria or Johannesburg, you need to use a conveyancing attorney to handle the transfer of the property from the seller to the purchaser. We offer this type of attorney service in Gauteng, apart from our other services, such as litigation, debt collection, insolvencies, and more.

We briefly explain some aspects of the property transfer process to help you understand when you will benefit from our conveyance attorney services in Gauteng.

Property Transfer

In short, it is when ownership is moved from one person or business entity to another. However, immovable property sales must be in writing, and ownership change must be recorded at the Deeds Office. For this to be done, a deed must be registered on the purchaser’s name. Unless there is a deed, the transfer cannot be completed and is thus invalid. The deed can be seen as the proof of ownership. Our attorney services in Gauteng entail coordination of the transfer process, lodging of the transfer at the Deeds Office, the deed searches, obtaining relevant tax and clearance certificates from the municipality and SARS, and coordinating between the bond cancellation and registration attorneys.

The Transfer Process

The property transfer process can take between twelve weeks and six months, depending on various factors. Aspects, such as the seller or purchaser not attending the signing of documents when requested, delays in getting bond cancellation figures, delays in bond registration, lack of an electricity certificate, and more can hinder the transfer progress.

Various phases make up the property transfer process. When you use our attorney services in Gauteng, we ensure that you are updated regarding the transfer progress. Once the property is sold, the seller can appoint the conveyance attorney, though it is possible for the purchaser to appoint the attorney. Regardless of whether you are the seller or buyer, you can thus use our services in this regard for property transfers in Gauteng.

Our attorneys communicate with all the role players in the process, including the bond cancellation and registration attorneys, agent, seller and buyer, SARS, bank, Deeds Office, and municipality. As part of our services, we collect the relevant documents, and report on the progress made.

We draft the transfer documents and request the signing of such by the seller and buyer. We also obtain the transfer duty receipt from SARS and the clearance certificate from the municipality. Our team prepares the documents for submission at the Deeds Office, and lodges the registration application. Once the registration is completed, we make the necessary calculations for the various payments due, such as the sales commission of the agent, the transfer fees, and more.

Use our transfer attorney services in Gauteng to ensure streamlined and professional conduct in the transfer of property.