How Our Mercantile Law Attorneys Help Companies in South Africa

Mercantile law is a body of laws that govern the legal aspects and relationships of businesses. This applies to local and international commerce. It is important to understand that the mercantile law is not a separate law. Instead, it is the umbrella law that covers all businesses, whether they are banks, insurers, restaurants, guesthouses, etc.

Mercantile law also covers the various agreements that form part of commerce, such as contracts, franchises, and licencing. It furthermore covers everything from trademarks, to credit and transportation. As mercantile law attorneys, we are thus able to provide a wide range of legal services to corporations, smaller companies, and individuals.

Some of our mercantile law services are briefly introduced below to give you an indication of the extent of the legal services we offer in South Africa.


We have many years’ experience in providing conveyancing services to the property industry. We handle everything from bond cancellations, to transferring properties, whether they are residential, agricultural, commercial, or industrial. What sets our services apart from that of competitors, is that we use the latest technology, to ensure that clients can follow the progress of the transfer processes.


We offer our litigation expertise to companies and financial institutions, whether they are defending against claims, or pursuing claims against business partners, suppliers, or debtors. We are known for our willingness to take on even the most challenging of mercantile law related cases.

Contracts and Documents

Businesses enter into agreements on a regular basis. They have to set up agreements, such as credit contracts, terms and conditions of usage, privacy statements, etc. It is imperative to ensure that the documents are free from mistakes, and worded in a manner that avoids misunderstandings. Our team of contract law attorneys draft agreements, and also review them on behalf of clients. Agreements range from credit agreements, to partnerships and deeds of sale. We draft trust documents, antenuptial contracts, Memorandum of Incorporation documents, and more.

Debt Collection

Outstanding client debts can quickly become problematic for a company. One or two debtors may slide through the cracks, but when left unchecked, a company can end up with a huge debt book, and it can negatively affect the business’ cash flow. We help creditors to collect debts, trace debtors, and oppose unreasonable debt review proposals.

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